Best Bikinis For Big Busts

Best Bikinis For Big Busts

Choosing the perfect bikini can be a daunting task, especially for those with a larger bust. Many of our customers have also reached out to us about 'small back, big boobs' problems too - we hear you! It can be frustrating to find a bikini that provides the right amount of support and coverage without compromising on style - and without looking too frumpy or ageing! With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to know where to start so we are here to help.

In this blog post, we'll provide you with tips and tricks on how to choose the best bikinis for a big bust so that you can feel confident and comfortable on the beach or by the pool. From understanding your body type to selecting the right style and material, we've got you covered. So, let's dive in and find your perfect Toco Swim bikini!

For now, we have recommended 2 styles from our Core Collection - our Yara Top and Mayaro Top. We do, however, have SO much newness being released over the next few weeks from now until April 2023, so we will be sure to keep this blog post updated with any other style picks we'd recommend!


The Yara Top

This top has been our number one bestseller since we first launched the halter neck style back in 2018. You can't go wrong with a classic halter neck bikini top and here we'll explain why the Yara Top is the best one on the market...

  1. Neck AND back ties: You can tighten the ties on the Yara Top around the neck and around the back to adjust the support levels to cater to your needs - think, hoiking the girls up if you are after a little (or a lot?!) more cleavage but also untie to tan and relieve some pressure around the neck.
  2. Fixed Cups: The Yara Top has fixed cups which are attached to a wider than average under-band meaning that (a) there is no awkward fabric slippage causing uninvited nip-slips, excess side boob and unflattering ruching, and (b) once you tie this in place, it stays there! 
  3. Wide Underband Elastic: The wide under-band ties around the back, meaning there is a level of support for the bust underneath. This tying mechanism is a dream for our babes with a smaller back and a larger bust as it can be tightened to suit your needs whilst still offering support and coverage at the front. Whilst non-adjustable clip fastenings on bikini tops can look cute, in practice, how can you make one size to fit so many different backs... Answer: You can't!
  4. Curved Cup: The seam detail down the front of the cup is not just because it looks gorge and sets this style apart from your average high street triangle bikini top - it's there also to allow the cup to have a slightly rounded shape to avoid any flattening of the boobs. Have you ever tried a bikini top on which is literally as flat as a piece of paper? That's what happens when no thought has been put in to the female shape

Pair it with: the classic combination (and the pairing we sell the most of) is our Yara Top with our high waisted Couva bikini bottoms. That being said, if you prefer something a little skimpier, our Toco ruched Brazilian bikini bottoms which can be worn high on the leg for an 80s vibe are also a great option!

Mayaro Top

This was the first every bikini top piece style we launched with when we first started Toco back in 2017 (alongside the Toco Cheeky Bottoms). 2023 sees the Mayaro TOTALLY improved. Here is some *actual* feedback we received from a customer who ordered the Mayaro bikini top back in 2022 😫😫😫...


mayaro sporty bralette bikini top by toco swim five star review


We knew that something had to be done. We quickly realised that the shape of the Mayaro Top had to be altered completely for sizes L and XL to accommodate our larger busted babes! So here's what you can expect from the new and improved Mayaro bikini top:

  • Curved hem beneath the bust - but what does that mean?! When we did the fitting of the Mayaro bikini top on our 34G model, it soon became clear that a straight elastic band beneath the bust was not going to cut it for anyone with a large bust. In order to maintain the same look and silhouette of the Mayaro bikini top across all sizes, it was necessary for us to add fabric beneath the bust to avoid any under-boob escaping. You can see below on Poppy (who is wearing a size Large with a 34FF bust) and Amelie (wearing a medium and a 30DD), that the bikini top looks the same... but scroll a little further and you'll see it's not...
    mayaro sporty bralette bikini top in rose pink and wimbledon green shown on size large and size medium
    Laying two of our Mayaro bikini tops side by side shows how they look completely different - that's because we've optimised this style for sizes L and XL so it actually fits!
    mayaro sporty bralette bikini top in size large and medium side by side bright blue
    • Darts in the cup - to allow space for your boobs! This is not a new feature this year - it has always been built into the design of the Mayaro bikini top. All too often we see sports bra style bikinis made with no darting to allow space for the bust, resulting in a 'flattening' of the boobs - not a comfortable situation! 
    • Sports bra style - this is our only non-adjustable bikini top and pulls over the head - a bit like the softest sports bra you've ever owned. It makes this bikini one of our most 'functional' styles - jump, dive, swim in this bikini top and it will stay put! One thing we will say, however, is if you have a very small back with a large chest, be aware that the back may ride up and therefore we would recommend looking at one of our adjustable bikini top styles like the Yara Top. 

     Pair it with: pair our Mayaro bikini top with our Toco ruched Brazilian bikini bottoms for the OG Toco set up (our Mayaro Top and Toco Bottoms were our first 2 styles to be released when we launched in 2017!). That being said, we love the Mayaro Top with our Siparia Bottoms for a super skimpy look.


    We want you to feel confident and comfortable in your Toco bikini, no matter what you're working with up top! Style, comfort and support should not come at the sacrifice of style. We hope this post has helped you decide on which Toco is best for you... And don't forget, there's lots more to come so if you need any more guidance, we will keep updating this article as new Toco styles are released!