In the age of Fast Fashion and bigger players ripping off small, independent brands, we rely on YOU, our amazing customers, to help us grow our brand. We absolutely love seeing you #intocoswim.

So, to encourage a little more sharing and as a thank you from us for spreading the Toco Love, we are offering a 15% off voucher to redeem against your next purchase if you tag us in your Toco on Instagram (@tocoswim), using the hashtag #intocoswim.

Some rules of entry:

  • You must have a public profile so that we can see the images!
  • All entries must tag @tocoswim on Instagram AND use the hashtag in your caption #intocoswim
  • We will contact you (through Instagram) when we have seen your piccie and arrange for your discount code to be sent via e-mail.
  • A maximum of 2 vouchers will be sent per person (but please feel free to tag as many as you like!)